Manhattan Therapist Alan Lehman, Ph.D.

Seeking Therapy in Manhattan?

manhattan-psychotherapist-alan-lehman-therapyWelcome to my therapy site. I hope that by describing for you my therapy training and experience, my therapeutic orientation and philosophy, and my areas of specialization, you’ll be able to determine whether you would like to meet with me for an initial consultation to see if I’m a good fit for your therapy needs.

Rather than choosing a therapist by zipcode or by randomly plucking a name off your insurance company’s in-network therapist roster, if you are seeking therapy, you deserve to be matched with a well-trained and experienced therapist who specializes in treating your particular psychological symptoms and concerns.

Results-Oriented Therapy

I, like you, am averse to therapy that is interminable. I’m all about getting results as quickly and efficiently as possible. Through exploring your present symptoms in the light of past and present experience, I will help you clarify your goals in therapy, understand the steps necessary to achieve these goals, and then provide you the optimal balance of guidance, support, and confrontation to facilitate your accomplishment of these goals.

As a therapist and psychologist, I regard myself as an integrationist, incorporating techniques gleaned from a wide range of therapeutic methodologies: Gestalt, Psychodynamic, Humanistic, Cognitive-Behavioral, EMDR, and Solution-Focused.

Wherever feasible, with your consent and readiness, I encourage inviting into our sessions whomever we identify as a major source of conflict in your life: whether parent, child, sibling, marriage partner, significant other, or close friend; or else, I might recommend group therapy as an adjunct to our individual therapy work.

Although an alert and discerning listener, I am quite active and directive, as a therapist, in guiding you to those areas that I believe are indispensable to your healing and growth.

Solution-Focused and Insight-Oriented Therapy

I practice a dual-focused treatment approach that addresses your present symptoms utilizing more solution-focused, cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques while, where needed, addressing unresolved past conflicts utilizing primarily insight-oriented techniques.

My sole agenda, as your therapist, is to address whatever needs or concerns prompted you to seek my professional help: whether you seek relief from symptoms of depression and anxiety; help overcoming blocks to achieving professional or creative fulfillment; greater self-awareness and self-esteem; greater interpersonal effectiveness; counseling for your marriage or relationship, or help steering your career or life in a more fulfilling direction.

Your goal becomes Our therapeutic objective.