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Relationships and Group Therapy

manhattan-group-therapistThrough proven relationship-enhancing techniques, I can help you significantly improve the quality of whatever relationship or relationships concern you the most.

Whatever form of relationship help you seek, whether improving the quality of your marriage, enhancing your dating skills, communicating better with family, friends, or co-workers, or successfully navigating through a difficult divorce, I can enhance your interpersonal growth and effectiveness through primarily two treatment approaches: by either inviting into our sessions whatever individuals are a source of conflict in your life, or by recommending group therapy in place of or in conjunction with individual therapy.

In-Vivo Relationship Therapy

Years of clinical experience has convinced me that when properly prepared, with clear objectives and realistic expectations, you can best resolve your relationship conflicts or enhance the quality of your relationships by working on the relationships directly, within therapy, not by talking about them ad nauseum in the third person, as is typical of traditional talk therapy.

With your consent, whether it be with a romantic partner, close friend, or family member, I will assist you in how best to approach them to join us in your therapy and, most importantly, I will provide a safe, neutral space that promotes open, honest, and respectful communication.

Group Therapy

Depending on the nature of your interpersonal needs and goals, I might also suggest group therapy, as an adjunct to our individual work together. Group therapy is not only a dynamic catalyst for interpersonal growth and effectiveness, but a powerful means of enhancing your capacity to form and sustain healthy, gratifying romantic relationships. The intimacy and trust that organically develops within a well-functioning therapy group will improve your ability to express a wide range of feelings, needs and desires, the cornerstone of any successful, intimate relationship.

My diverse, co-ed therapy groups are enlivening, challenging, engaging, and most importantly, growth enhancing. Group provides a safe, social space within which you learn, through practice and feedback, to access, identify, and constructively express emotions, such as anger, hurt, fear and desire, feelings we often conceal out of shame or fear of confrontation, or else bluntly express in destructive, off-putting ways.

Whatever your relationship problems are on the outside, they will manifest in the group; hence, providing you the opportunity for increased awareness of your interpersonal blind-spots, as well as a social arena in which to refine more effective interpersonal skills.

If enhancing your capacity to form and sustain gratifying, intimate relationships is your primary goal in therapy, I strongly believe that concurrent individual and group psychotherapy offers the greatest bang for your therapy buck. A dynamic co-ed therapy group offers a blend of peer support and confrontation that perfectly complements the in-depth exploration of individual therapy.